As we look to build greener cities, we need systems-based approaches.  

For example, if we want to make our cities more walkable and ridable, we need to look holistically at the problem. Does it make sense to be building our sidewalks, bike paths, or even our roads with high emitting Portland cement or bitumen-based asphalt? 

For sustainability, we should use products that both reduce emissions and last longer, requiring less waste and resources for extended periods of time. 

Bonhomie™ Sustainable Sidewalks, made with Bonhomie Cement, are more durable and use >61% less CO2e than conventional concrete sidewalks made with Ordinary Portland Cement. 

Our goal over the next few years is to surpass 90% reduction in embodied emissions of sidewalks, however, this is a market-ready sustainable sidewalk you can use today to reduce your carbon footprint. 


Bonhomie Concrete is formulated with durability, workability, and usability factors while achieving significant reductions in the footprint we leave behind.

Eco-friendly benefits aside: Bonhomie™ Sustainable Sidewalks are a longer-lasting, more durable sidewalk with 50-year costs ~30% that of Ordinary Portland Concrete.


Bonhomie Cement Inc. locations and our Omni-Mixing Technology™ meet the stringent demands for accuracy and consistency – in 10 years of operations, we’ve never had a rejected load of concrete. 

100% performance on all third-party testing for 10 consecutive years of operations (including all plastic and hardened property requirements).

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