Utilizing our Bonhomie Cement products, our Bonhomie line of concrete products are world leading in terms of reductions of embodied CO2 emissions in concrete and variety of concrete applications they can be used in. Every one of the our concrete products (many can seen below) can be made with our Bonhomie Cements to plummet the embodied emissions of concrete. 

Industry Leading Variety Of Concrete Products.

Bonhomie Cement's groundbreaking Omni-Mixing Technology™ allows you to get a variety of concrete products from the same mixer.

With it's razor-sharp measurement accuracy it produces everything from RCC to flowable fills - and everything in between. 

With the worlds growing need for more eco-friendly concrete products, we are proud to be world leading in the quality and variety of eco-friendly concrete products we offer.

When specified, we also offer an industry leading variety of other concrete products for projects using traditional cement products to meet your needs in these cases as well. 

Bonhomie™ Sustainable Sidewalks

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More durable and eco-friendly sidewalks to build greener cities. Every year in Canada and the US, ~1.9 Billion KGs of CO2 could be reduced by producing sustainable sidewalks with Bonhomie Cement instead of Ordinary Portland Cement

Bonhomie™ Concrete

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Our flagship eco-friendly concrete used to reduce >61% of embodied CO2 for a variety of infrastructure projects - such as building seawalls, bike lanes, roads, flooring, etc.

General Concrete

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All general concrete you get from us is produced to the highest industry standards (CSA A23.1/14 in Canada for example). With 10 consecutive years of 100% success rates on third-party testing you can trust you’re getting high-quality concrete every single time

Specialty Concrete

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A toolbox full of specialty products ranging from extremely high-density to very low-density concretes, mass concrete, and remote projects with any range of set times for virtually all your concrete needs

Feedlot Compacted Concrete

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A specific type of RCC designed specifically for the Feedlot industry. This product is custom designed by our concrete experts to meet the unique challenges of each individual feedlot. A recent Alberta Agriculture study shows it increases profits, and improves animal health. Use this product in your feedlot and silage pits

Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC)

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RCC is a zero-slump concrete produced directly into a paver and compacted with vibratory forces. This product lasts staggeringly longer than asphalt and requires little to no maintenance costs for decades at a time. Great for roads, parking lots, lay-down yards, container yards, etc.