In addition to producing all exposure classes of general concrete, Omni-Mixing Technology also produces a number of specialty concretes.

Solutions provider for complex or creative concrete projects

Put blatantly... we thrive where others struggle.

Omni-Mixing Technology is extremely competitive and outperforms in markets where long-standing multinational brick-and-mortar plants are. In some instances, even taking over 80% of market share. Taking 90% of large commercial projects in some markets from multinational batch plants.

But where we truly shine is in the projects that are hard to do. The specialty concrete projects, the eco-friendly concrete projects, and the remote projects.

Remote concrete projects

This completely mobile technology allows for high-quality fresh concrete regardless of location. Meaning even rapid-setting concretes can be provided to remote locations. And since it's fresh, it requires less chemicals. Which means more predictable concrete: even hundreds of miles away.

But it doesn't stop there... because it utilizes continuous mixing technology, ONE mixer mixing continuously at up to 70-100+ m3/hour can easily outperform entire batch plants with dozens of drum trucks. Requiring a very small area and almost no time to mobilize to do massive projects.

And as you can see, this one mixer can meet all your concrete needs. (roads, parking lots, high performance concrete, mass pours, flow-able fills, cellular concrete, etc.)

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10,000m3 project comparison

To produce the same 10,000m3 of concrete using the exact same materials (with Portland Cement) as a local batch plant for a mass concrete project (assumes 20-30 mins from the project with 7m3 drums), Omni-Mixing Technology:

bonhomie cement for precast concrete