Bonhomie (noun) bä-nə-ˈmē : good-natured easy friendliness 

Our name defines our mission for everything we do. A Canadian Indigenous business, Bonhomie Cement is vertically integrated into 3 key areas: 


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A range of cement products to make your concrete projects more eco-friendly. The key product here is our flagship Bonhomie Cement

Mixing Technology

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The most consistent and accurate mobile concrete production system available. Designed and manufactured by our team in Canada 


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Eco-friendly concrete products and a wide-range of other concrete products available from a growing number of concrete producers

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Cement as a pillar to producing eco-friendly concrete

With only 12-17% of the mass, Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) accounts for more than 95% of the embodied CO2 of traditional concrete. 

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) accounts for 0.9 kg CO2 per kg of cement.* 60-65% of the CO2 comes during decarbonation of limestone.

Replacing OPC with greener cements requiring less limestone decarbonation and less energy to produce is the biggest opportunity for making significant change in concrete. This is what we've done with our flagship Bonhomie Cement.

*(Concrete CO2 Fact Sheet, National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, 2012).

Greener mixing technology as a pillar to producing eco-friendly concrete

Eco-friendly cements demand different mixing technology to account for their unique setting times.

Greener mixing technology is the key to green cement use and, therefore, greener concrete.

With Omni-Mixing Technology, unprecedented live sampling rates are compared to the desired recipe 1000’s of times per cubic meter and adjustments are made to ensure industries demands for modern concrete with complex formulas are met.

Bonhomie Cement Omni-Mixing Technology

High performing concrete producers as a pillar to producing eco-friendly concrete

Bonhomie Cement Inc. locations have never had a rejected load of concrete in 10 years of operations and have an unparalleled 100% success rate on all third-party testing for 10 consecutive years (including all slump, air, and compression cylinders). As a result we've been trusted by municipalities and many of the top companies in the world. 

High performing sustainable products such as Bonhomie™ Sustainable Sidewalks are changing how we plan and build our cities today.

Boasting all three of these unique pillars, Bonhomie Cement Inc. is the only company that can produce our flagship Bonhomie Concrete to reduce >60% of embodied emissions for infrastructure concrete (depending on installation methods).

Our growing number of concrete locations around the world utilize our proprietary mixing technology to produce concrete products in their local regions. We also sell our cement products to select customers worldwide, including some of our concrete production locations.