Bonhomie Cement Inc. builds greener cities by reducing the embodied carbon emissions of your sidewalks, bike lanes, roads, and seawalls by >61%. It is a more durable product that lasts longer - reducing costs, materials, and further emissions over time.

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Challenge accepted.

To bring the cement sector in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change, its annual emissions will need to fall by at least 16 percent by 2030The complete replacement of Portland Cement is the biggest opportunity to reach this target.

Bonhomie Cement uses no Portland Cement and reduces emissions by >61% while creating a more durable concrete that can be used everywhere you see concrete today. This is the start of the journey and we have much left to do to create net zero concrete but we have to start somewhere. Our next goal is >90% reduction. 

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Bonhomie (noun) bä-nə-ˈmē : good-natured easy friendliness 

Our name defines our mission for everything we do. A world leader in non-portland green cements, eco-friendly concrete products, responsible concrete mixing technology (proprietary), green dispatching methodology, and sustainable wash-out techniques. 

We know we have a long ways to go to achieving our ultimate goal of zero emission concrete, but we have made big steps in the right direction. 

We are the only market ready replacement for OPC concrete that can be used everywhere you see OPC concrete today. 

See a list of our green cement and eco-friendly concrete products available to you for all your concrete needs


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Learn more about our world-leading proprietary mixing technology designed and manufactured by our team here in Canada to ensure pin-point accuracy


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Check out our growing worldwide locations for a concrete producer near you using some of our materials, mixing technology, or technical support


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From now on, every pool we pour, we insist you supply the concrete


Owner, Grizzly Concrete

Excellent Product

I love the product it doesn’t expire you can let it sit, it always going to be there for you. The customer service here is awesome, anytime you need them, whatever you need, all the drivers are good, and all the staff is friendly, excellent product... I wish I could take them everywhere!

Doug VanDolder

Midwest Caissons


We did a 220 cubic meter pour, came in at about 220.5 so in my world thats a good day, we hit our numbers. Without interruption! We started at about 9:30am and finished at about 2:30pm so we hit the mark with our finisher so they're happy. All in all the project as far as I'm concerned is a success. Muchly appreciated. I'll always call [Bonhomie Cement] for sure!


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