Omni-Mixing Technology™


More than 80% of the environmental impact of a product is determined at the design stage. 

We are consciously designing our mixers to be the most sustainable concrete mixer on the planet, this includes: a new lightweight and aerodynamic design (24% lighter) to increase fuel efficiency, cloud-based green dispatch methodology reduces number of trips to our loading facilities and KMs driven by each truck, and using corrosion resistant metals to eliminate wasteful painting and provide a longer product life-cycle. 

It doesn't stop there. 

All the concrete produced with Omni-Mixing Technology™ is more sustainable, even when we produce concrete with high-emitting Portland Cement. Compared to a conventional batch plant, an Omni-Mixer uses 17% less CO2e, 5-10% less potable water, and uses 92.1% less wash water. A far cry from reductions with our Bonhomie Cement, but more sustainable nonetheless.  


Omni-Mixing Technology changes the concrete production industry forever. Here's why...

The concrete industry and its concrete mixing technology has remained relatively unchanged for decades.

But in any industry, there is always one group who is not content with what industry accepts as normal or good enough. 

Omni-Mixing Technology™ is the evolving pursuit of this group to provide reliable measurement, accurate control, and versatile platforms to meet the changing demands of concrete production.

New name for a different way of mixing concrete

Because the vision was so significantly different from every other perspective, the term Omni-Mixing Technology was created to show industry it is not a volumetric mixer. 

The historical shortcomings of volumetric mixing are overcome, the desired attributes of batching systems are implemented and the result is the most consistent and accurate mobile concrete production system available.

The concept was to utilize the continuous proportioning platform associated with volumetric mixing and apply proven measurement and control principles developed through years of experience while applying decades of systems knowledge. The result was the advantages of continuous mixing with the assurance of batch measurement.


These platforms prove to meet the stringent demands for accuracy and consistency -having never had a rejected load of concrete in 10 years of operations and having an unparalleled 100% success rate on all third-party testing for 10 consecutive years (including all plastic and hardened property requirements)

Proven the world leading concrete mixing technology.

Although these concepts are visionary, they are also practical. 

These mixing platforms have completed all stages of testing and robust investigations and are market ready. They have been in operation in 3 continents, including some of the worlds harshest environments for 3+ years (plus, 7 years of development and testing in our own operations before releasing to new customers).

Even though Omni-Mixing Technology is advanced beyond any other platform, it is just the beginning. Because this platform is so adaptable, it is believed the beginning has just finally been reached. As the concrete industry evolves, that evolution will no longer drive the technology, butthis technology is finally able to drive the evolution of the concrete industry.